How To Use Facebook In China?

I’m a businessman and used to travel all over the world. Due to business purpose, I travel many Asian and European countries. But I can still remember the most awkward moment I have ever experienced in China. I was in China for a one month tour. I had a big business offer to deal. So I prepared myself for one long month and visited to China. One thing you should know about me that Facebook helps me a lot to communicate with my clients, delivering orders, and to accomplish other necessary business processes.

The Trouble Begins

I reached China, went to several places to deal with several clients. But the real trouble started after 4 days. Suddenly, I couldn’t access the facebook website. I was trouble accessing into the facebook server since the morning. I was sweating because I had to attend an important business deal. But I couldn’t even access into the site. I was thinking maybe it was some kind of local internet problem. I knew that it would be solved soon. So I went outside for minutes and came back to my hotel room afternoon. Then I checked it again. But still I couldn’t access facebook.

Finding a Solution

I was constantly sweating as I gave my client my words that I will make him clear about our deals today. I didn’t know anyone so I could not complain to anyone. Then I tried to keep calm. I thought that let’s check the news for today and see if the internet connection is okay. I entered into a news portal. The internet was clearly alright. But the news that caught my attention was about facebook in China. Facebook is permanently banned in China. I didn’t really know what was the reason behind this. I didn’t even care about it. All I just cared was access into facebook.

Easy Solution

I was so desperate to logged into facebook and I could do anything it took me to enter into facebook. But I was not that fool. I was a savvy tech guy and I knew exacty what to do to access facebook in China. So I didn’t wait anymore. I instantly found a paid VPN service. I used reputed Earth VPN as my VPN and as far I knew it was the best VPN service so far. And certainly, it was not free. So I paid the service charge through my master card. And instantly they let me download their VPN software.

How It Works

Virtual Private Network or VPN is a way to access into any web server in the world. So, accessing facebook in China was a bit challenging for me. As the facebook site was blocked by the Chinese govt. VPN makes the internet speed bit slower. So it took me longer time than it used to take me to access. But ultimately I logged into my Facebook account successfully. I was feeling so happy that I couldn’t express it with my words. It was very easy indeed. This way, I logged into facebook for the rest of the month in China.