Ways To Make Moving Easier – Tips To Make Moving A Pleasant Experience

I have just experienced a major upheaval. My wife and I, plus our two girls and two boys have upped stakes and moved right across the country, to better jobs, and new schools and colleges for the kids.
These are my thoughts on ways to make moving easier.

Pack enough for the journey over and the time you need setting up. We followed the transporter truck with our family SUV. There were two stop-overs and three days setting up the new home.
Yes, I have a teenage son and daughter, the other two are young. Yes, we had “How much longer, pop?” a million times, and a few arguments. Have their favorite games ready, play a collection of DVD’s and let your daughter use social network for the trip on her smart phone. Otherwise, expect insanity.

You should also have a steady change of clothes and toiletries. There is a lot of good advice online about what to get.

Find a Good Company

Once we knew we had to move, the planning started. First job, find a good company. See what they should offer. Is the price right? What are their services? What do other parties say online about them? We firmed up on one company. They came around at the end of the packing process, and gave us a good an accurate estimate. We confirmed that and booked them. That turned out fine.

Ways to Make Moving Easier – Where do you start?

Start with making a list, a plan of action. Then prioritize. You need to “de-junk” all around. This may not be easy. The entire process took us three months. You can find ways to make moving easier by doing a bit every day. Make a pile of items, and ask yourself, “Do you really want this?” Yes, things hold sentimental value. But do you need to take all those broken dolls and toys and that rusty old bike? Send some to charity, may be E- bay, junk some and if possible, recycle the rest. Then, look us up at Lead Distance Movers.


Don’t use grocery boxes and old packaging cases. There is special packing available. Boxes are designed to fit neatly into the transporter trucks. Use this, or expect things will get broken.

Kitchen utensils are a real challenge. Other ways to make moving easier include making special boxes with cell dividers for dishes and glass. Wrap each item up carefully, then add these to the special boxes. Kitchenware goes in first, there is a lot of it usually, bedding last, so that we would all have something to sleep on when we got there.

Electrical items need special boxes too, like LCD Screens. If you have the original boxes with foam etc., then that’s even better.


Lead Distance Movers is dedicated to make your move as easy as possible. We understand this can be a stressful experience, but we provide the solution.